Vet Skin and Ear service is conducted by Dr Daniel Mitchell. Dr Mitchell has 17 years of experience in treating diseases of dogs, cats and small pets. Dr Mitchell is a Professional Interest Practitioner in Veterinary Dermatology and accepts referrals from other veterinarians, and direct enquiries from clients also.

Advanced training in veterinary dermatology

Dr Mitchell has completed significant training in Europe over 3 years under supervision from the world’s leading veterinary dermatologists. This training has been completed at the University of Vienna (Austria) and he will soon sit examinations through the University of Luxembourg. He continues to study dermatology to stay up to date with the latest techniques, and regularly attends conferences locally and abroad to complement this knowledge.

Dr Mitchell is closely connected to local veterinary specialists in all fields, and this allows for their input to your pet’s case as required. Beyond the local experts, he is well connected to an overseas network of dermatology, surgery, medicine and pathology disciplines. This can be especially useful if your pet has an unusual or very rare skin condition as a platform for sharing information to achieve the best outcome for your pet.

Professional Skin Care

Targeted treatments that are effective and affordable

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